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No Cost EmployeE BenefiT

The Partnership Advantage:  A no cost employee benefit and so much more!

Let's face it, offering employment benefits to your valuable employees is important - and expensive.  But, did you know that you can give your employees the benefits of Credit Union eligibility for FREE? There is no cost to your company or your staff.


  • It's FREE - Enhance your benefit offering to keep and attract key employees without raising your costs.
  • Less stressed, more productive employees - Studies have indicated that as a person's financial stress level rises, their level of productivity decreases.  Increase your employee's overall productivity and decrease financial woes through CUNJ's free seminars and membership.
  • Business Services - Once your company becomes a Select Employer Group (SEG) with CUNJ, your company becomes eligible for our business services:
    • Business Loans - From commercial real estate to credit cards, we can help! 
    • Business Checking - Even remotely deposit your checks from your office! 
    • Merchant Services - Accept credit cards?  See if CUNJ can decrease your expenses.
    • Payroll Solutions - Complete payroll solutions available to small to large businesses.  


  • Perks @ Work - Your employees can enjoy a special program available through on-site visits only.  How to become eligible? 
  • Credit Union Exclusive Discounts - From auto to cell phone discounts and auto insurance to amusement park discounts, CUNJ members can save big! 
  • Free Seminars - A variety of topics available to your employees at your location from Debt Management to Investing.
  • Lower Fees & Better Rates - By putting the profits of CUNJ back into the credit union, we are able to offer a better deal to members. In fact, in 2012, we save members approximately $4 million through better rates and lower fees.
  • Added Convenience - with over 55K Surcharge Free ATMs and over 5K Shared Branches Nationwide, access to your account couldn't be any closer than anywhere else except our Mobile App that even lets you make check deposits right from your iPhone or Android phone!


It's easy to become a Credit Union Select Employee Group (SEG) and there are no costs to you or your employees.  For more details, contact us today - your employees will be enjoying this valuable, no-cost employee benefit in no time. 

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