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Something new is coming...

On August 15th, we’ll be unveiling our new brand. You can look forward to a dynamic new "mobile-first" appearance with improved convenience tools and access points. Additionally,
we'll be launching a more user-friendly, highly responsive website planned for fourth quarter.
While it’s been over a year in the making, our new brand is a much more accurate reflection of what we stand for as a forward-thinking, strong financial resource our members can depend on now and for many years to come.
And it will have sweeping implications on how we currently do business with you, including greatly enhanced branches. Lafayette Street is the best example, where you're going to see a
fresh new look and a greatly improved floor plan. And that’s just for starters.
Of course, we’ll continue to introduce innovative products and services—like our new high-rate savings account and our online appointment scheduling service—all designed to help you prosper while further improving your Credit Union of New Jersey member experience.
What will not change is our core promise to you—our values and our mission. In this, our 75th Anniversary year, we’re especially proud to stand by, and with, our members as we enter this exciting new chapter.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did Credit Union of New Jersey decide to create a new brand?

Credit Union of New Jersey has had a rich and interesting history—one in which we’ve grown from serving just one core group (State Highway Workers) to hundreds of employee groups and most cities and towns throughout the state. In point of fact, anyone who makes a donation to the Credit Union of New Jersey Foundation is eligible to join the credit union. As we’ve expanded our field of membership and the products and services we offer—emphasis on a mobile-first member experience—it became evident that our existing brand no longer accurately represents the dynamic, forward-thinking financial institution we’ve become.


Will the credit union be changing its name?

No, although changing the name as part of our new brand was certainly considered. But after interviewing our employees, surveying our members and conducting focus groups with prospective members, this feedback (along with additional research) clearly told us that “Credit Union of New Jersey” most effectively and powerfully represents who we are and who we serve.


Has Credit Union of New Jersey merged with or acquired another financial institution?

No, not at all. Our decision to rebrand the credit union is a strategic one, driven by the simple fact that the current brand no longer reflects the dynamic, forward-thinking financial institution we’ve become. Nor does it reflect as fully as it should the diversity of our membership.


How will this rebrand affect members?


a. Will I need to order checks with the new logo?

No. You can continue to use the Credit Union of New Jersey checks you have now until you run out. When you reorder, your new checks will have the new logo.


b. Will there be any changes in my account statements or when I receive my statements?

No. The only change will be in the way the statement reflects the new logo and brand.

c. What about my Credit Union of New Jersey-issued ATM, Debit and/or Credit Cards?

All current transactional cards will be honored until their respective expiration dates. At that time, you will receive new cards with the new logo.

d. Will branch hours of operation remain the same?

Yes. Our hours will remain the same.

e. Will any phone numbers or contact information change?

No. Our address, phone and fax numbers will all remain the same.

f. Will the website change?

Yes. A new website is currently in development. The actual launch date is planned for the fourth quarter of this year. But, rest assured. We’ll keep our members informed of its progress. In the meantime, and until we’re ready to launch the new site, our current site at will undergo somewhat of a makeover to reflect our new brand.

When the new website is ready, it will be available at the same address.

g. Will any of the staff or Board of Directors change?

No. You’ll still be dealing with the same helpful people.



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