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Congrats if you've already attained Gold status.  There are still more benefits in two additional tiers higher in Relationship Rewards: Platinum and Platinum Plus.


Here's what you need to qualify for the Gold tier:

  • Between 20-29 Debit Card Purchase Transactions last month OR
  • $1,000 to $1,499.99 Monthly ACH Deposits OR
  • Combined balances between $25,000 and $74,999.99 as of the last day of the previous month


Benefits of Gold:

  • 5 FREE Foreign ATM Withdrawal Fee - The first 5 times you go to a non-CUNJ or non-Allpoint ATM, the fee will be waived! (And, we'll discount it for any transactions over 5!) 
  • Discounted Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee - Discounted fee when money is swept from another account to cover a debit that came through your account.
  • Waived Non-Participation Fee
  • 0.05% Discount on all Consumer Loans** (includes vehicle and personal signature loans)
  • Discounted Check Cashing Fee
  • Waived Paper Statement Fee
  • Discounted Incoming Wire Fee
  • Discounted Domestic Outgoing Wire Fee
  • Waived Notary Service Fee


Tips for moving up:

  • Increase your household balances by applying for a loan or opening another account
  • Open a First Mortgage or Investment Account with CUNJ, and you will automatically get Platinum Plus status!
  • Increase your Signature Based Debit Card Transactions:
    • Say "Credit" instead of "Debit" when making purchases with your Debit Card ("Debit" transactions will not count towards this total)
    • Use your Debit Card more often.  Added benefit: Purchase Rewards!
    • If you don't have a Checking and Debit Card, open one today!
  • Combine your household balances - Opt-in to householding your entire household by completing a Householding Consent Form.  This will aggregate your entire household balance and take other qualifications into consideration to give your entire household more benefits!


*Annual Check Printing is effective January through December. Must order with a CUNJ Representative. Selected styles only. **Maximum discount for consumer loans is 0.25% off (for Platinum Plus tier) for this program and 0.50% off combined with other programs. Subject to credit approval. First Mortgages, second mortgages (including Home Equity Loans and Lines), student loans, personal line of credit and credit cards are excluded from this discount.

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